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Dicheva, D., Dichev, C., Agre, G., & Angelova, G. (2015). Gamification in education: a systematic mapping study. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 18(3), 75.

In this article, the authors conduct a systematic mapping study of gamified education research.  A systematic mapping study is similar to a systematic review, but has broader inclusion criteria, and does not provide or compare result data.  This study focuses specifically on gamified learning and not game-based learning, and the authors are careful to distinguish the two.  Instead of discussing results of the included studies, the authors examine the game elements in the research, providing counts of varied game principles and mechanics.

While not as rigorous as a systematic review, this article is interesting in providing preliminary information on the use of gamification in education.  There is also discussion of crossover between some standard active learning practices and gamified elements.  These elements are clearly defined in a straightforward way.  Additionally, detail in implementation strategies is provided, such as LMS and platform choice.

I am interested in gamification more than game-based learning.  While I think that game-based learning has potential, the development costs are very high for educational contexts.  However, gamification of course elements is something I do wish to explore.  These elements seem easier to implement.  Many do not even require technology.  This article was useful in providing a list of common gamification elements and a few examples of how they might be implemented.